Linda Nemec – Oh, My Achin’ Back

Long-time NSQG member Linda Nemec has been working in the physical therapy field for over 30 years. She’ll share her expertise with us – to help us keep our bodies healthy as we pursue our passions of working with fabric and thread.

With Linda’s help, we will:

  • discuss ergonomically sound practices to be used in the car, at the quilt shop, and in our own quilting studios.
  • learn about good tools, good lighting and proper seating.
  • find out what is important regarding proper table height, posture and sewing machine placement.
  • get some pointers for layering quilts and quilting the finished product without hurting our knees or our backs.

Let’s face it, we all want to stay healthy, and this lecture is being presented with our health in mind. Say good-bye to cramping fingers, aching backs and tired shoulders. Don’t miss this lecture – your healthy body may depend on it!


There are no workshops scheduled this month.