Pam Buda – Secrets of a Professional Quilter’s – Revealed!

You know… hearing the story of how I got started in this business would be nice, but wouldn’t you rather learn something? I have a lot of really useful information that I think you would appreciate much more!! This Power Point presentation is packed full of very useful information that will teach you to use alternative piecing methods for making units, as well as tips and hints relating to every aspect of quilting. I also share secrets I’ve gathered over years of trial & error, taking classes, and learning from what fellow designers and national teachers have shared with me.

The lesson begins with learning the “Make it larger – Trim it down” techniques.  I demonstrate step-by-step techniques for making units (such as Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Triangles, Square-in-a-Square units, and Flying Geese) larger than they need to be so they can be trimmed down to be squared and the correct size.  These perfectly squared units go on to be perfectly squared blocks, then squared quilts that lay flat and go together easily!! Many, many designers and award winning quilters use these techniques and you can too!

There are also plenty of tips on a variety of subjects such as general pressing tips, pressing Four Patches and Pinwheels to lay perfectly flat, and how to correctly sew Connector Corners, accurate 1/4 inch seams, alternate sewing methods for the Corner Square Triangle units, how to hide flaws and errors, and so much more!

After watching the Power Point presentation, I bring along more than 40 quilts to view up close and personal, all made with the techniques shown in the presentation.

Don’t worry about taking notes during the lecture!  All of the hints, tips, tricks, secrets, and how-to’s featured in my lecture (and so much more) are contained in the 60+ page Heartspun Quilts Hint’s Book!  The book is available for sale for $15. You won’t have to rely on your memory and can take it home to use on a daily basis!!



On Friday, March 16 at the , Pam Buda’s Star Strings workshop.

350x438_star_strings_ajpgYou may recognize this quilt from being featured in Primitive Quilts magazine, and on the cover of their 2015 calendar!  Because I’ve had so many requests, I’ve added this quilt to my workshop offerings.

This scrappy quilt features a variety of scrappy Sawtooth Star blocks, each featuring a string paper pieced center!  This adds a little more twinkle to each star!

The fundamentals of paper piecing are covered, as well as choosing just the right fabrics to make so each student can make their own Cover Girl worthy quilt!

OR…you can make the matching pin cushion instead!

Star Strings pattern is required.  Pattern price for workshop participants is $5 (regularly $9)  and is available the day of class.


Click this link for Friday’s

On Saturday, March 17, once again at the , we offer you Pam Buda’s Settler’s Puzzle workshop.

239x285_settlers_puzzle_lores_wjpgMy Settler’s Puzzle quilt is one of my most popular classes!

I love a quilt that looks like it was really difficult to make but was easy breezy to put together. That’s the perfect way to describe my Settler’s Puzzle quilt! The quilt features two very unassuming blocks, that when arranged within the quilt…like puzzle pieces…create the wonderful pattern you see in the quilt center. Pair together two lovely, high contrasting fabrics for a truly stunning quilt.

I will also give you my best tips for making perfect half square triangles, along with my tips for sawtooth borders that fit, and have sharp points!  Let’s solve this puzzle together!

Fabric kits are available in select colorings of Pam’s fabric collections with Marcus Fabrics.  Students have the option of choosing their own fabric as well.  Settler’s Puzzle pattern required.  Pattern price for workshop participants is $5 (regularly $9)  and is available the day of class.


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