Lecture/Trunk Show:
“Quilts My Grandmother Didn’t Make” will be presented at our Guild meeting on October 20, 2016.


Barb Vlack has turned a passion for quiltmaking into a second career.  She is internationally known for her work with the Electric Quilt Company through the internet and travels.  She also travels nationally to teach classes about using Electric Quilt software as well as quiltmaking.  Her specialties also include borders, freezer paper foundation, piecing and vintage quilts from the 1930’s.  She has had her work published in several quilt magazines and has exhibited her award winning quilts in Houston and Paducah.  Barb has been learning and teaching quiltmaking since 1976.  Her style of quilt design is “innovative traditional.”  She loves to takes traditional patterns and make them look new and different.




The Palm quilt - Oct

On Friday, October 21 at the Arlington Heights Library, Barb will present her Press, Piece and Peel:  Foundation Piecing with Freezer Paper – The Palm Block workshop. This revolutionary technique for foundation piecing on freezer paper eliminates the drudgery of ripping the paper away after completing the stitching of a block.  The class project is a simple 6″ The Palm block, a traditional block from the 1930’s.  Supply list for The Palm Block.


Tussy Mussy Nosegay - Oct

On Saturday, October 22, at the Rolling Meadows Library, Barb will present the Tussy Mussy Nosegay.  A tussy mussy is a Victorian decorative hand held “vase” that was used to hold the stems of a bouquet, often used for bridal parties today.  The tussy mussy nosegay block offers several opportunities and practice inset piecing.  Barb has some tricks to make piecing this block a successful experience.

Click this link for Saturday’s Tussy Mussy supply list.