Cheryl Lynch

Cheryl made her first quilt out of Marimekko fabric as an impoverished chemistry graduate student at M.I.T. It took another 17 years to make her second one – after a corporate career and some child rearing. 

After a move to Pennsylvania, her sons were both in school and she started taking some basic quilting classes to occupy my time. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with quilting and started to design her own quilts. She then started teaching at a local quilt shop. At the request of her students, she developed her own line of Judaic quilt patterns.

Fascinated by the color and texture of fabric, she discovered she could create art and folk art without knowing how to paint with a brush. The challenge became how to turn her ideas into a quilt.

She builds her quilts one section at a time. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle is both challenging and energizing. This process sometimes necessitates the development of a new technique or use of a non-traditional fabric.

Her inspiration comes from the emotions she feels for her family as well as her love of nature and cycling. She has many creative moments riding  through the scenic byways of our country.

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Turning Travel into Treasures

June 18, 7PM

Traveling whether overseas or to the town next door can lead to inspirations for lots of quilts.  Learn to look at your pictures with  a quilter’s eye.  

Details of a building, like the wrought iron banisters in Barcelona or a scene from your summer vacation to the beach, can be transformed using fabric to create lasting memories.  She shares how she turns her inspirations into quilts by printing photos onto fabric, converting photos into a quilted scene, using architectural motifs to create a contemporary quilt or combining them all into a fiber book. 


Mini Mosaics

June 19, 9:30AM-4:30PM
Arlington Heights Library

This is a fun no sew workshop that imitates the ancient art of mosaics, inspired by a trip  to Israel.  Learn how to create a mosaic picture from small pre-cut pieces of lots of colored fabric, using a technique that was developed to simplify the process.  Pick one of the available patterns in class that finishes at 9″x12″, which then can be bordered and quilted to your preference at home.  Bring tweezers and a sharp small scissors to use with a provided kit. 

Kit fee: $20

Supply list


Travel Diary

June 20, 9:30AM-4:30PM
Rolling Meadows Library

Turn your travel memories or passions into a free standing book.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform your inspiration into a page, whether it’s using a photo, words, applique or non-traditional technique.  Each page measures 5″x7″ and your book can have as many or as few pages as desired.  Bring your ideas and inspiration to start this unique fiber art.

Supply list

Cheryl has lots of ideas on how to preserve your memories in fiber books:

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  • For full day workshops, one hour is included for lunch, which is the responsibility of attendees.Most venues will allow you to eat in the classroom, and some venues have a refrigerator available.
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