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The Art of Hope Quilt Show
Set-Up is Friday May 19th and the show is Sat-Sun May 20-21, 2023
Lindner Fitness Center on the campus of Judson University


To Sign-up to work the show please visit our Sign-Up Genius volunteer page. CLICK-HERE To go to the Sign-Up Genius page.

The Art of Hope Quilt Show Committee is busy planning our show for Spring 2023. Come join the fun of organizing our Bi-annual quilt show! Everyone is welcome to be part of the show. There are still some areas that could use a leader and if you just want to be a helper there are plenty of places you can be of assistance.

Quilt Show Chair: Renee Puccetti

  • Advertising:
  • Awards : Karen Snell
  • Book Sales: Sue Leverenz & Kathy Haaker
  • Brochure: Cathy Steiner
  • Check-in:
  • Data Entry/Quilt Show Registration: Debbie Yates
  • Door Prizes: Linda Nemec
  • Guild Challenge: Joyce Drenth
  • Layout & Planning: Gail Gregory, Cathy Steiner, Toni Slepak
  • Mini Quilts: Karen Snell & Valerie Kuster
  • Quilt Pick-Up:
  • Raffle Committees:
    • Basket Raffle Coordinator:
    • Design & Construction of the “Life is Beautiful” Raffle Quilt: Karen Snell & Debbie Yates
    • The “Life is Beautiful” Raffle Quilt Coordinator:
    • The American Girl Doll “Hope” Raffle Coordinator: Marcia Bowen
  • Scrap Sales: Sue Leverenz & Kathy Haaker
  • Show Take-down: Connie Heard
  • Vendors: Martha Ross
  • Volunteers: Becky Reeve

Show Deadlines:

Quilt Entries: March 16th, 2023
Challenge Quilt: April 20th, 2023 (But if you’d like to have it in the show please submit a show entry form by March 16th, 2023.)
Mini Quilts for the Mini Quilt Sale: Any time up until April 20th, 2023
Donations of Books and Scrap Fabrics: Beginning in August of 2022 up until April 20th, 2023. February 2023 UPDATE: We currently have enough scrap fabric and are only taking books at this time! Thank you for your contributions!

Forms for the Show

Do you have a quilt you’d like in the show? Please click the link below to print the entry form. The entry form plus a COLOR photo needs to go to Debbie Yates (our Data Entry chair for the show). You can scan and send the form as an email attachment, give it to Debbie in person, or mail it to our po box. We also hear you can take a photo on your smart phone of both the quilt and the entry form and text to Debbie…but only do so as a last resort.

Every quilt must have a hanging sleeve in order for us to display your quilt. Large, Sofa, and Wall quilts should have a 4″ wide sleeve and smaller quilts such is the miniatures can have a smaller 3″ wide sleeve. Below is a video from Fons & Porter on how to create a 4″ wide sleeve, a standard which is used for quilt shows.

Life is Beautiful Raffle Quilt

Our Opportunity Raffle Quilt “Life is Beautiful”

Unveiled at our June 2022 meeting was our “Life is Beautiful” opportunity quilt. Tickets are now on sale. Every guild member is asked to sell $30 worth of tickets and your ticket envelope can be picked up at the monthly meetings.

Ticket pricing is $1 for 1 ticket, $5 for 6 tickets and $10 for 13 tickets.

Details about the quilt:
The quilt center is from the pattern La Vie Est Belle by Jacqueline de Jonge, the border is a complimentary original design by the members of NSQG. The quilt measures 77″x77″ and was professionally quilted by Barb Jolley.

Our American Girl® Raffle Doll plus Wardrobe and Accessories.

In addition to our Quilt Raffle we once again are selling tickets for an American Girl® doll, we’ve named her “Hope”, and she comes with a full wardrobe and accessories. Ticket pricing is the same as our quilt ( $1 for 1 ticket, $5 for 6 tickets and $10 for 13 tickets) and we are asking our members to consider contributing to Hope’s wardrobe by making an item. Marcia Bowen is coordinating Hope’s wardrobe and raffle.

About the Mini Quilt Sale

Click this link for Miniature Quilt Guidelines Document Link

Donation Requirements

  • Shape: Your miniature quilt can be any shape you like. Square, rectangular, hexi, anything that works for your design is fine.
  • Size: The perimeter (distance around) your miniature quilt can measure between 24” to 72”.
    • Many miniature quilt stands/hangers fit quilts that are 6”, 10” and 12” across the top, you may want to consider this when choosing your quilt design.
    • For a circle quilt you can measure the distance around your quilt.
  • Label: Permanent labels are required on the reverse side of your quilt. The label should include your name, 2023 NSQG Quilt Show, and your signature with a permanent marker/pigma pen.
  • Batting and Binding: Thin batting and single-fold binding generally work best.
  • Hanger: A sleeve/split sleeve or rings are required.
  • Due Date: All miniature quilts are requested by April 20, 2023 (April monthly meeting) in order to have time to sort, price and tag. Previously the deadline was March 16th –so another month to complete your donation! Bring your completed mini quilts to any Guild Meeting or contact Valerie Kuster or Karen Snell for a drop off location.
  • Quality Matters: Our attendees are taking home a piece of our show. You can be a beginner or expert quilter, just pick something appropriate for your skill level and do your very best work.
Sold Well In The Past:Less Popular:
Modern colors and designsPanels
Major holiday themesOut of date colors
Applique/hand embellishmentsLess popular holidays
Complex piecing/applique/quiltingUnusual themes
Children’s themes (animals, monsters)

Donations of Quilting Fabric Scraps

Beginning in August of 2022 you can start donating your unwanted fabric scraps. Susan Leverenz and Kathy Haaker will be collecting, sorting and pricing these for our Scrap Sale at the show.

How You can help us…

  • No fussy cut scraps. It is disappointing to see a lovely fabric, only to find it has a bunch of holes in it.
  • Nothing smaller than a 3″ square, unless you have gathered a bunch of smaller pieces separately (i.e, 2″ squares organized in a plastic Ziploc bag).
  • Please fold larger pieces, if you can. No need to measure or even iron, but it saves us bunches of time when getting organized if we don’t have to pull out tangled pieces of fabric stuffed into a bag.
  • Put your name on both the container and the lid if you bring your scraps in a storage bin that you want returned.
  • Quilting fabric only, please.