Would you like to help with the raffle baskets for our quilt show?

If your contribution is ‘stuff’ or monetary, please see Maria at a meeting. – THANK YOU!

If you and/or a group of friends would like to build a basket to contribute – THANK YOU!

Some folks have asked if there are any ‘rules’ for making up a basket on their own… and there are some guidelines we’d like to follow:

  • It should have a theme. This could be the really fun part. We will need a name for it, too for the promo part of this whole project. For example “I see the light” could be light colored neutrals and an Ott light and a random box of light bulbs……  or “PBJ” could be an assortment of jelly rolls and a jar of Skippy, maybe even go so far as to add a loaf of bread for silliness…..
  • It should include fabric, but it doesn’t have to be ALL fabric. Fabrics should be new and of quilt-shop quality. Including pre-cuts because they fit the ‘sweet’ theme of the whole quilt show would be nice, but not necessary. And they don’t have to be novelty fabrics, either. All the items should just be new. As in not used. I don’t mean you have to go out and buy all new things unless that is what you want to do. They might have been new when you bought them, but if you never got to use them, then they are still new. The baskets should be made up of things you would actually like to win yourself, because this is not the place for garage-sale type items. Everything should be sort of current, unless you are going all ‘vintage’. It should NOT include patterns with Holly Hobbie, for example.
  • It should have a value of at least $100, but that is very loose. If you have to guess, guess on the side of it being worth MORE than $100. What we are trying to do is make them all be around the same value, but with a couple of spectacular ones in there, too, to drive up the ‘audience participation’    🙂
  • Let me know if you need the actual basket……we have many baskets now! We also have a couple holiday ones, too, in case you want to go all Halloween or all Christmas.
  • I will be shrink-wrapping them. So if you want to just make up the contents of a basket, and I’ll put it all in one I already have, that’s fine. If you want to take it all the way and wrap yours in a giant cellophane like an Easter Basket, that’s fine, too. Whatever works for you…..
And the last thing is that I will need a list of the contents, because I will be making up tags for each one that list contents, so people know what they are bidding on.
Still have questions? Email Maria at nsqg.info@gmail.com