A big thank you to Joyce Drenth and Ann Kelly, 2019 Quilt Show Co-Chairs

How Time Flew!

The 2019 Time Flies! NSQG quilt show was a resounding success! Below you will find the beautiful Ultimate Guild Challenge entries and all of our Viewer’s Choice quilts that were voted on by attendees of our show. 

If you showed a quilt at our event, you are entitled to display a Time Flies! label on your quilt. You can download the official file here. Use it with printable fabric sheets or reverse it and use transfer paper, available at most quilt shops, JoAnnes, and other craft supply stores.

Finally, an enormous thank you to all the members of the guild who worked so tirelessly to put on this wonderful show–especially our quilt co-chairs, Joyce Drenth and Ann Kelly. Hundreds of hours of planning, volunteering, and donating went into it – not counting the time to make the gorgeous quilts!

To volunteer to lead our next show, send an email to quiltshow@nsqg.club.

Ultimate Guild Challenge

The guild challenge was a resounding success. 


Viewer's Choice Awards

Every attendee had the opportunity to vote for their favorite quilts in each category. See the beautiful work below:


Overall viewer’s choice: Carol Bates, “East Meets Morris”

Rolling Meadows Mayor’s Choice (Joe Gallo): Gail Gregory, “Holy Scrap!”

Elk Grove Village Mayor’s Choice (Craig Johnson): Joyce Drenth, “Hallelujah!”

Large Quilts:
1st Place: Joyce Drenth, “Hallelujah”
2nd Place: Ruth Kay, “Rainbow”
3rd Place: Connie Heard, “Shoji Screen, reversible”

Sofa Quilts
1st Place: Deborah Yates, “The Circle Game”
2nd Place: Elaine Erman Levin, “Orbits for Ronna”
3rd Place: Linda Wallin, “Snowmen’s Picnic”

Wall Hangings
1st Place: Carol Bates, “Jacobean Fantasy”
2nd Place: Sue DiVarco, “My Sewing Room”
3rd Place: Joyce Drenth, “It’s a Year to Remember”

Miniature Quilts
1st Place: Joyce Drenth, “Skinny Minis”
2nd Place: Janice Cronkright, “Happy, Happy Pumpkin”
3rd Place: Deborah Yates, “Dancing Ribbons”

1st Place: Joyce Drenth, ” Father Christmas”
2nd Place: Joyce Drenth, “Mini Victorian Sewing Machine”
3rd Place: Becky Reeve, “Friendship Pineapple”

Youth Entries:
Maia: “Ballerina”
Emma: “Giraffe”
Madison: “Elephants”
Madelynn: “Rainbow Sea”