The Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild was one of 16 guilds to qualify for showing and competing in the Ultimate Guild Challenge at the AQS (American Quilter’s Society) show in Grand Rapids, Michigan this past week (August 17th-21st).

Our quilts were well received with many visitors stopping to read the metal medallions on Ann Kelly’s “Time Flies For A Workshop Junkie” quilt, there were oohs and aahs for the added crochet lace on Beverley Enright’s “Rose of Sharon Variations” quilt and plenty of peaking behind the geese on Joyce Drenth’s “Bucket List” quilt.

The NSQG showing was put together by Joyce Drenth as our guild challenge for our 2019 “Time Flies” Quilt Show. The AQS Grand Rapids show was cancelled during the covid-19 pandemic and only now are these quilts finally making it to the big stage!

Unfortunately, our guild did not win a ribbon this time but congratulations to all who participated. Thank you for sharing your love of quilting for all to see and making NSQG proud.

Quilts in the show (Pictured above in order Left to Right)
“Time Flies” by Linda Nemec
“Stormy Night Flight” Violet Koenig
“Time Flies” Deborah Yates
“Flight at Sunrise” Cathy Steiner
“Time Flies For A Workshop Junkie” Ann Kelly
“Rose of Sharon Variations” Beverley Rose Enright
“Bucket List” Joyce Drenth
“Bittersweet” Jonnie Staggs

NSQG Makes a Showing at AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show!

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